There are times in our lives when events or situations can become unbearable. This might be due to a relationship problem, a work situation, a trauma or an accumulation of several life events building up over a long period.

The effects of emotional distress can be felt by anyone regardless of age, gender and cultural background.

Therapy can help you to manage the pressures and stresses that life can bring and that affect your health and happiness.

Integrative Psychotherapy combined with the Arts, is a way of exploring and understanding yourself, your relationship to the world around you and helping you to build your inner resources.

It is a safe treatment from which most people can derive high levels of long-lasting benefit particularly if it is carried out in an atmosphere offering confidentiality, trust and support, and in which clients are not made to feel judged.

The aim of therapy is to support your growing power, therapy combined with the arts enables you to reach the deepest parts of your psyche, and thus you can truly heal.